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Afrikinky Shea Oil

Afrikinky Shea Oil

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Afrikinky Shea Oil for Dry Skin & Hair

Afrikinky Shea Nut Oil is 100% all-natural premium expelled oil from the seeds of African Shea Trees. Its physical properties allow it to easily be absorbed into the hair, scalp, and skin promoting nourishing and moisturizing benefits.

Afrikinky Shea Oil can also be used as a massage oil and used for babies of all ages of life.  Afrikinky Shea Nut Oil can help with skin irritations, leaving youthful, radiant, healthy skin and hair without residue. Experience AFRIKINKY

15 benefits of Shea Nut Oil for hair and skin

Shea Nut Oil is a great moisturizer for hair and skin.

 Here are some benefits:

  1. Shea nut oil is rich in Vitamin E
  2. Shea nut oil is rich in fatty acids and minerals
  3. Prevents dry hair and skin
  4. Shea nut oil is able to soften your hair
  5. It is a great conditioner
  6. Shea nut oil will strengthen your hair to improve hair growth
  7. Great oil for hot oil treatment
  8. It softens brittle and dry cuticles
  9. You can use it as a daily moisturizer
  10. Apply it on your ends to prevent hair breakage
  11. It contains antifungal and antibacterial properties
  12. Shea nut oil gives the hair freshness, brilliance, and luster
  13. You can massage your scalp with shea nut oil to increase blood circulation
  14. A little shea nut oil goes a long way
  15. It absorbs quickly

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Rub oil between your palms and smooth through face, body, and hair. Apply generously over areas prone to dryness such as knees, elbow joints, hands, and feet.


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