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The numerous benefits that come with using Shea butter and its versatility that seems to know no boundaries has made it a component in almost every cosmetic product such as lotions, shampoos, and other skincare products. 

Shea Butter Bar Soap



Shea Butter is a natural fat that comes from the seed of the African Shea Tree. It is a natural product and plant-based. You can find all you need to know about Shea butter in my previous articles. 
Our Handcrafted Shea Butter soap contains the highest quality of raw, unrefined Shea because of its beneficial properties, especially to sensitive skin.


As Shea Butter stands in skincare, it is only appropriate that soap that a soap whose base ingredient is Shea butter is made to compliment the already good works of the Shea Butter pomade, and also to give options on how people would want their shea butter. 


Natural Shea Soap Ingredients

Shea Butter Soap carries the same beneficial properties that come with Shea butter which includes; healing skin from radicals, calm irritated skin, etc. 

Shea Butter’s fatty acids provide firmness to soap so it won’t fall apart or melt too quickly. And when Shea butter is mixed with other ingredients for the making of soap, it retains its emollient and anti-inflammatory properties.

Some of these benefits include; 
  • Provides natural protection from UV radiation.

  • It moisturizes pores without clogging them

  • It’s natural, so no side effects or reactions on those with sensitive skin

  • No oily residue over the skin after absorption

  •  Gently cleanses dirt and dead cells and leave skin fresh and moisturized

  • Repair and refresh dry or aging skin

  • Excellent choice for dry, sensitive skin and damaged frizzy hair

  • It helps with certain hair conditions

  • Diminishes wrinkles

  • Treats acne, eczema, etc.

  • Soothes dry face

  • Soothes inflammation on the skin 

  • Nourishes skin with antioxidants


                WAYS SHEA SOAP CAN BE USED


uses and benefits of shea soap

Can be used as;

  • A complete bathing soap

  • A facial soap

  • To wash hair

  • The treatment of a specific skin disease (acne, eczema, etc.)

  • A hand-washing soap during this Covid era.

At Afrikinky, our Shea Butter Soap is made with the maximum amount of Shea butter and handcrafted in natural ingredients. Our Shea soap cleans with a rich lather leaving your skin feeling moisturized, fresh, smooth, and soft. They do not contain any harsh additives, therefore safe to use for all ages and skin types even babies.

If you have tried our Afrikinky Shea Butter Cream and Shea Oil,  then you should give our Shea soap a try to enjoy and Experience Afrikinky.

Shea Butter Products ( Shea Oil and Shea Soap)
I hope this blog enlightened you about another product of Shea Butter, and enjoyed learning about its benefits and properties. For more Blogs about our products and to purchase any of our Natural and Authentic African Products Visit

 Click here to learn a fun way to make your Shea soap useful during this Covid period.





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