Press Release: Afrikinky

On Sunday September 17th, 2017, AfricansGoneNatural, Inc, officially launched their natural products company, AFRIKINKY,  a range of wonderful all natural   products, becoming the first  natural hair movement to supply all natural unrefined products for the hair and skin.  

AfricansGoneNatural, Inc. is a natural hair movement with the desire to help empower women of African descent from all over Africa and worldwide to embrace their God-given “natural” hair. The platform not only seeks to inspire all African women to feel confident and sexy, their goal is to encourage women in all stages of their hair journey to go, or return natural. The community which boasts close to 42K instagram followers has galvanized a strong following of African female naturals both in Africa and in the diaspora. The platform shares pictures of other African women with natural hair, and provides educational and practical lifestyle tips for #afrikinkydivas to ultimately find their style and purpose.

The goal for AfricansGoneNatural is also to truly help people embrace the wonders of natural beauty with the use of natural products. The products include pure, unrefined, premium grade A shea butter, cocoa butter, neem and baobab oils and African Black Soap. These products are all wonderful additions to one's daily regimen in helping with excellent moisturizing and healing agents as well as to help growth and restore and maintain healthy hair.

The founders have partnered with Shea Queens, who handcraft and manufacture the products. By working with these women, they are able to build their communities as well as afford the opportunity to send their children to school. This is part of the continued mission of AfricansGoneNatural and Afrikinky; giving back and empowering women.  

 AfricansGoneNatural boasts that "Natural is the new niche, and it is our goal to help women embrace their crown in style because it is exotic, gorgeous, bold and beautiful. We hope that you would join us on this journey to help make a difference." Our natural products are excellent and able to use from head to toe, both hair and skin.

To have the "AFRIKINKY" experience and help give back to people in need, visit our shop at or visit our new products page @Afrikinky on Instagram.  You can also buy Afrikinky Products  on Amazon and Etsy.

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